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New GR2 download - Tactical Pack 2

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4 new maps (no, really... they are actually new this time)


Bonfires -- Snowy hillside at night

Bonfires Daytime -- same Snowy hillside during the day

Mountain Pass -- Snowy mountain area with lots of ravines and sniper spots, but pretty small overall

Missile Site -- Woods with several buildings and lots of little hills


Several new uniform skins


Three new gameplay modes:

Double Siege -- Both teams defend and attack at the same time

Solo Thief -- Basically sharpshooter, but you steal half the points of the player you kill and the points leader has a big target on them to make them easier to see

Co-op Hamburger Hill


After playing last night, many of us think the double siege is the best part of the download, but not if played as specified. Instead, specify in the lobby one team to be on offense and the other defense, then you get static spawns (kind of like GRIT) and they are on opposite ends of the map so you don't have the randomness of normal siege and the spawns aren't nearly as close.

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Heya Jack,


We've got a full on Ghost Recon 2 discussion DLC discussion happening in our online area. The new map information has been posted there along with some GR2 game scheduling time.




I'll go ahead and close this thread in the interim. Please feel free to continue the discussion on the new maps in that thread though and I apologize for the confusion.




-Romier S.

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