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PS2 to Xbox Controller Converter?


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Wow, those pads must be pretty cool! I'm guessing you've got the one with the hard plastic, lights and everything? I've seen a controller converter here : ps2-xbox converter I'm sure there's more if you do a search, as well. I'm also not completely sure if this will work for what you want it for, but I don't see why not.


I've never played DDR before (It's kind of intimidating, especially in an arcade!), but I think I'll give the xbox version a shot. And online play should also make it fun. It'll be funny trying to chat with a bunch of out-of-breath dancing people. :D

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I've never played DDR before (It's kind of intimidating, especially in an arcade!)


I never played DDR until I bought it for my PS2. It has probably been the single best party game I have ever owned. People always come over and we have DDR fests. It is good exercise and it has something for every level of player.


I know that no online versus play sucks, but for DDR Content download is HUGE. Since DDR is about the songs, the ability to get new songs without getting a new game is really a bonus worth getting in on the XBOX for.


Well, hopefully the buttons map over correctly and I can still use my PS2 pads. The ones I have aren't all that nice (flashing lights etc...) They are just good quality and have hard foam inside of them. I bought them from Red Octane and I bought the deal where you get two of them.

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The downloadable content from what I read will be additional songs - but it will cost $ to download them.


I have a ps2 to xbox adapter that I will be trying when it comes out. I've made a couple of the homemade pads that are really close to the arcade, play great and are very durable (steel and mdf :) ). If that doesn't work I think I will end up re-wiring them to have multiple controller outs...

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