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PSP post-launch firmware updates, color scheme and DIY software discussion


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First, how easy is it to make your own downloadable content and transfer it to the PSP? As in, homemade webbrowsers (IE, Firefox) and games? Would this be doable for people, or would official releases from sony be the only source for this content?


Secondly, this may be a retarded question, but your background of the PSP, what's the color? Mine is green, but I've seen both blue (TV commercial) and red (website review) backgrounds. Is there a way to change the color, or is it just random for the PSP (or are the backgrounds just made up for the mock up pictures)

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Would this be doable for people, or would official releases from sony be the only source for this content?


Right now, only from Sony. There are no homebrew software development tools available.


Is there a way to change the color


The colour changes each month, with the colours chosen to fit the season, supposedly.

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Sony has released the 2.6 firmware update for the PSP. The main purpose of the update is to add more audio functionality to the system. RSS feeds are now part of the package in fact. You can read more here:




Sony today released the latest update for its PSP handheld, with the two major features boosting the system's audio functions. As usual, the update can be installed directly through the PSP using the System Update feature while connected to the Internet, can be downloaded from Sony's Web site to a memory stick and then installed, or can be run from an updated UMD disc.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication v2.0) functionality has been added for audio streams. PSP owners connected to the Internet can now easily check through Web sites for updated streaming audio content such as podcasts. The RSS function works only for streaming audio files, and playback only.

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The 2.6 firmware has been hacked. PSPUpdate has a list of working homebrew applications listed:


Homebrew Games and Emulation for ALL PSP's!


That’s right, the day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Thanks to the fantastic work by our forum moderator Fanjita and his coding companion Ditlew, it is now possible to play vast amounts of homebrew programs and emulators on every PSP in the world, including those with 2.60 Firmware! Thanks to their monumental achievement, every PSP in the world is capable of playing homebrew!


We here at PSPUpdates and QJ.net are proud to be the first to bring you an exclusive release of eLoader BETA for GTA which now works on 2.01, 2.50, and 2.60 Firmware! With this ground breaking program, you are able to load the many of the existing homebrew games, applications, and emulators that are already available for earlier versions of PSP firmware.


You can find a complete list of working/not working homebrew [here]. But just to get you started, here are a few popular homebrew programs that are known to work so you can get started experiencing the full potential of PSP homebrew:


Here's the list:


Working homebrew apps

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Been playing around with PSPRadio. It's a homebrew app that acts as a shoutcast client, effectively turning your PSP into a little portable ShoutCast Radio player over the wireless connection. It's possible to jerryrig access to your own mp3 files too somehow, but I haven't tried that yet.


The interface is well done & it works. My PC's got no speakers, so I'm sitting here listening to some Shoutcast pop station over my PSP :)

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As I recall reading you need to have GTA: LCS in order to exploit 2.6, but I have to applaud these guys. They're just trying to keep the Homebrew apps alive on the system and they're doing great work.


I've left mine at 1.5 for the time being, just because I really don't have any need to upgrade it. I have the "switcher" telling Virtua Tennis that I'm running version 1.51 and it all works fine, so I'm all good.



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PSP Firmware version 2.8 is out. Here's a list of updates:


- Game demos can now be downloaded from [internet Browser] and saved on Memory Stick.

- Video output can now be displayed correctly when an external tuner is selected in [Location Free Player].

- You can now download video and image content under [RSS Channel].

- You can now register devices via a wireless LAN access point under [LocationFree™ Player].

- You can now play AAC files with the files extension .3gp under [Music].

- You can now play content saved in "MUSIC", "PICTURE" and "VIDEO" folders on a Memory stick™.

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