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Software for my Mac...please to advise!

Hank Scorpio

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What up homies,


I just purchased a new Mac notebook and I need software for it. My plan is foolproof: Enroll in a 2 week class at the local technical college, purchase all the software I need, then drop the class.


Here's what I had on my PC and what I need to do on the Mac:


Adobe Audition: I had turntables hooked into my PC to record my LP's. Audition isn't available...is there a like-minded piece of software?


Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator: Well, I'll prolly just get Photoshop again, is there anything else on the image tip?


Adobe Premiere: I know I'll be getting IFilm, all I need to do with this is be able to create demo vids for work, although I have Premiere at work.



Any software advice you guys can give is much much appreciated! I've been out the Mac game for a while, but it feels good to be jumping back in!!!





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First of all, let me recommend a couple of sites that are good for finding all kinds of Mac software: versiontracker and Macupdate


As far as audio recording, it's hard for me to recommend a consumer level app since I'm using music studio software, which is expensive. I would check out this app from Ambrosia Software (which makes very good Mac utilities) called WireTap. I have not used this, but I've used many other apps from this company and they are top-notch.


Nothing can replace the combo of Photoshop and Illustrator. There is a free, open source image editor that was ported from other UNIX platforms called GIMP. I tried it once, it's certainly capable, but it ain't Photoshop.


Movie editing: Your Mac comes with iMovie, which is surprisingly powerful. I'd start with that and if you run into barriers that keep you from doing what you want, I'd check out Final Cut Express. I used Premier for many years, and Final Cut (even the cheap Express version) walks all over it. It does take some getting used to because it works somewhat differently, but once you get the hang of it it's a joy to use.

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