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THUG 2 Remix


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Tony Hawk Underground was one of the 4 titles I bouht with my PSP on launch. After being addicted to Lumines, I decided to take a breeak from it and give THUG 2 some love. Let me tell you, this is a great great great game. I have a feeling this will get overlooked due to people thinking it is just a port. With 4 new exclusive PSP levels, one which is actually the 1st level of the game now, and the ability to play a near perfect port on the go, this game deserves a look from all PSP owners.


THUG 2 has 3 different difficulty settings depending on your familiarity with the Hawk games. The level difficulty basically changes the difficulty of the challenges. This is a great feature for folks new to the series. The original THUG is the only one I did not play the shit out of. I played a bit of THUG 2 on the console, but its release time put it with other titles I wanted to play 1st, so this being released with the PSP was perfect for me.


The controls are butery smmoth and respond just as perfectly as its console counterpart. Not once have I been unable to pull of the same tricks that I can on the consoles. The graphics are amazing. Some of the environment textures have been toned down a bit, but the game moves so fast and smooth that you will not even notice. The skater animations are done just like the consoles, so nothing is missing there. You also have the face mapping ability so you can take a picture of yourself, throw it on the Duo, and then map it on to your created skater. I must say, I look quite good skating around. ;)


So far I am through the 1st couple of levels (have to get all the goals before I move on), and I am most impressed. Lumines was my favorite launch title right out of the gate, but right now THUG 2 Remix has taken that title. Everyone needs to give this a shot. You be a better person for it. :)



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Spent about 30 minutes with THUG2 the other day and its a fantastic port that I definetely want to snatch up, especially being that I never bought it on the home consoles. I'd kill to see a port of THPS2 to the PSP or a compilation of the first three games.

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I bought this as my second title but for me the screen was just too small for this kind of game. I actually got a little dizzy flying off the top of the ramps because of the perspective. Also, I found myself inadvertantly hitting the analog "button" with my thumb from time to time and unwittingly launching that strange "bullet time" effect. I love the Tony Hawk series and I'm sure I'll grow to love this version, but after a half-hour of play it was quickly ejected for more colored block action.


OTOH, I brought my new toy to my in-laws for Easter and it was THUG that got most of the oohs and ahhs. My nephew couldn't put it down.

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Rented this for my trip next week & I'm really enjoying it so far - more than I enjoyed THUG2 on the Xbox for some reason. As stated by everyone else, the graphics on it are top notch - they've done a really great job at porting & enhancing this on the PSP. The controls are good - though I'm having problems with timing triangle to grind lips on the way down, something that wasn't an issue on the console originals. I might try remapping it to the left shoulder button as I rarely use walk.

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