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Suggested GBA games for a 3 yr old?

General Zot

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We're taking a family trip at the end of April and want to 'occupy' our 3 yr old on the plane with the GBA SP. What games would be easy enough and appropriate for a 3.5 yr old?


At home, he plays Mario Kart, Monkey Ball, and Spongebob on the GC with no problems, he is a real Mario Kart fanatic. He can figure out most anything, the most important part of the game is that is is fun and forgiving. Like in Mario Kart, he can drive backwards for 10 mins if he wishes and the game never ends on him (it might drive the parents nuts, but the game is cool with it.)


Anything that fits in this arena? Maybe something that's like Kart for the GBA?

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Personally, I'd go with the Namco Museum. Graphically, it doesn't measure up to any game for the GBA, but you get four titles for the price of one, and the games are relatively simple to learn and play. If you ask me, that's exactly what a little kid needs from a video game at that age.

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My 5 year old son loves Kirby 2 for the GBA. It seems to be a fairly easy-to-learn game and does not have much, if any, text (such as on-screen directions, etc. or important clues/hints/plot points) that might detract from your 3 year old's enjoyment. I think my son only needed help a couple of times with that game.


Super Monkey Ball on the GBA might be a little frustrating as it is a lot harder to control than on the Gamecube. My son usually needs help on at least half of the maps. The mini-games are fun though.


My son also used to play the Sponge Bob GBA game (not the newer Movie one). I noticed that they recently released it as a 2-games-on-one-cartridge deal along with a different Sponge Bob game.


You might also want to consider the GBA video cartridges if they have any of the shows your son likes.

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