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PSP vs Console


How likely would you be to purchase a PSP game over the Console version?  

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  1. 1. How likely would you be to purchase a PSP game over the Console version?

    • Very Likely
    • Somewhat Likely
    • Rarely
    • Very rarely

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Since owning the PSP, I've realized that in many cases I would probably opt to buy the PSP version of a game over the console version. Of course this would depend on the game (if it was a big Xbox live title then I'd opt for Xbox), and how much playing on a big screen would add to the experience (like an HD game). But for games where these factors didn't come into play, I would seriously consider the PSP version over console.


What about you?

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I voted Very Likely for some reason, I meant to vote "Somewhat Likely" - Like Romier, I can see double dipping, I plan to for CMR 05 :drool.


And maybe this is the result of being deep into the 'honeymoon' period with the PSP...but the allure of having a near-console experience while sitting at my local coffee shop imbibing as I play a round of golf, and then when the caffeine kicks in, testing my brain against Lumines (as I have each morning since I got the PSP) is just so nice.


Some games will always be best on the big screen with the full set-up, but the go-anywhere aspect that the PSP brings to the table is a nice option to have.

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I voted very rarely.


I rarely double dip on games, and if I have the choice, I would much rather play a game on my home theater than on a handheld machine. If and when I do get a PSP, I guarantee you that all the titles I have for it will be unique games created especially for it. The same goes for DS or any other gaming machine I can get my hands on.

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So funny that you asked this question! Because I have been itching to give my requisite inflamatory opinion. Suck it down.


Yes I play portable games, but I do so pretty much only when I am on the go-as God intended I might add. God will strike the rest of you down. This is almost a ridiculous poll. I say "almost" because ridiculous people make the poll un-ridiculous.


Fine, I'll buy that your TV is occupied necessitating your PSP use (I use my upstairs TV/Xbox for that). I'll even buy that you're addicted to a particular portable game that isn't available for your console, thus prompting you to play at home (I did this with FF Tactics). But I simply cannot understand playing a portable version over a console version "at home" unless you have honeymoonmystification (see sniglit dictionary).


This reminds me when Joel suggested that we get together to play multiplayer "Advance Wars." My response was, "I play Advance Wars because it is a fun way to fill my time on the train. If you want to play a multiplayer strategy game with me, let's buy Warcraft, C&C, etc... and do it right.


People on this forum will so often chant their allegiance to the Xbox version of a game because it has slightly better graphics or that they prefer XBlive to PS online. How could you possibly prefer the PSP version of a game, unless it is actually better? Is Wipeout Pure actually better than Wipeout for the PS2? I hear it might be. So if this is your angle, God forgives you. Otherwise, you're all going to hell.

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