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ESPN NFL Football - Good or bad???


Do you like the numerous changes made in Sega's ESPN NFL Football(2K4)?  

  1. 1. Do you like the numerous changes made in Sega's ESPN NFL Football(2K4)?

    • Yes, I do!
    • No, I don't.
    • Won't give it a chance - I'm a Madden fan
    • Football? When's the next World Cup?

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My latest poll:


Do you like what Sega has done with the 2K football series?

After playing some offline & online ball - I must admit that i do like it.


I'm still getting used to the new play-calling scheme - but I LOVE the tv-style presentation.

Also - I've found myself trying to make extra plays just so I can open up more stuff in my Crib.


What say you?

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