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I-Pod to PC transfer?

Rob B

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Is this possiable?


I need to dump my HD and reinstall windows, I'm got some crazy ass shit going on with my browser like not being able to acces gmail or google for example.


I have about 6 gigs of music on my desktop, smae stuff on my i-pod can I transfer the stuff on the i-pod back to the desktop after i do the dump? Or do i need to back those up with cdrs?

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here's what i'd do if i were you

set up your ipod for manual transfer (i.e. do not set it up to automatically update any playlists) but set it up for harddrive use

copy all your music files into your itunes library and manually update your ipod so that all your music files are on your ipod

move any other files you want backed up to your ipod (using windows explorer)

wipe your pc harddrive

re-install everything (hold off on itunes for now)

hook your ipod up to your computer, it'll detect it as an external harddrive

using windows explorer move everything back to your computer (note that your music files will be in a hidden folder on your ipod, so make sure you have hidden folders/files visible) after moving the hidden folder to your pc unhide the folder

now reinstall itunes and add the music folder that you've moved your music from your ipod to your pc into

it'll probably wipe your ipod, and then copy all the files so make sure you've got a full battery and a bit of time on your hands


if you have the harddrive space you can actually give this a go before formatting, just so you understand exactly what it is you have to do. just move your hidden ipod folder to a different location on your pc and then go through the process of unhiding and then adding the files to itunes.


it's really quite hard to delete stuff on your ipod if you have manual update chosen.


if you have any questions look me up on aim or some chat messenger

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