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May want to avoid new PSPs from GameStop


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Anytime i buy a system at non launch time i check the package before buying it, as i dont trust any of these places. Look for the original seals to see if they are still there, look for any thing near the seal to see if part of the box is off from somoene pulling it off. I once caught a EB trying this with a SP system i bought



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Ah, this is very interesting because at lunch I went to the Playstation Store (owned by Sony) and the guy there said that the store's plan is to let PSP owners with bad pixels return their PSP once, regardless of how many bad pixels there are. He said after that, if you want to return it, you'll have to do so via SCEA. He said their official policy is a unit is not considered defective unless it has 10 dead pixels...so that number may in fact be coming from SCEA.

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