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24: The game

Romier S

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All of you 24 fans can rest easy as the game adaptation is on the way. Even better news is that Sony Cambridge is handling the development duties. Playstation fans willl recognize that name as responsible for games like Medievil, Primal, and Ghost Hunter. The game will be set between the first and second season of the show and will answer many of the unanswered questions as to what went on. Sutherland will be doing voice work along with Elisha Cuthbert. You can read more about the game as well as take a look at the first screenies below:


24: The Game



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I'm almost done getting through watching Season 2 now. Hopefully this game will include opportunities to have Kim Bauer and/or Sherry Palmer die painful, slow deaths. That alone would be worth the price of admission.


The third-person shooter will feature 100 missions, including on-foot shootouts and high-speed vehicular pursuits. It will also sport stealth missions, interrogation challenges, and puzzles in the form of decoding various bits of intelligence.
I can see it now: "Hit X at any time to yell 'TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!'". :P
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