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Easter Adventure

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...aka Why I'm Glad To Still Be Posting


So it's the evening of Easter, and I'm on the roads into Atlanta, on my way to visit a friend and investigate some career opportunities. I'm cruising along I-285, unfortunately the weather is very unpleasant - heavy rains and thunderstorms. I'm in the inside lane, not trying to change lanes, when I see out of the corner of my eye a car coming into me fast. Next thing I know I've got the passenger side windows imploding and I'm spinning across 4 lanes of traffic, doing at least one, maybe two, 360s and seeing the headlights of the vehicles behind me out of my windshield as I spin past. Fortunately they all manage to avoid hitting me and I don't spin into anyone in front of me. I finally come to a stop by bumping into the concrete barrier along the outside lane (I've slowed down a lot at this point since my foot made it onto the brake without any assistance from my brain.)


Anyway, once I've stopped, I discover that I'm fine - not a scratch on me (just a bad case of the shakes). The other car ended up staying on the inside of all the lanes, so I let the police do all the walking back and forth across the traffic. (No ambulances, so it seems like no one was hurt in the other vehicle either.) His initial assessment was that the other car probably lost control (perhaps trying to merge into my lane and overcorrecting when they realized I was there) and spun first, right into me. Here's a few shots of the damage to the car... not destroyed or anywhere near it, but it still took quite a tap on the side.

















The insurance adjuster hasn't had a look at the car yet, but the majority opinion seems to be that it's probably going to be totaled.


Then finding a rental car in Atlanta that I could drive back to Nashville was an incredible pain (for some reason it seemed like almost every rental car in Atlanta was booked this past weekend).


But all things being how they are, I'm just glad to be ok, and glad that I didn't have a passenger with me - with the way the side got pushed in, I think they would have been hurt, possibly very seriously.


Now I'm off to play some PSP Ridge Racer where it's safe to pull 360s. ;)

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Glad you are alright man:tu


Man everyone i know has been in some sort of accident recently. My mom was in a minor one during the big snow storm here. Some lady was speeding around a corner on a street that was a sheet of ice , lost control and went right into the side of my dads car. If it wasnt for my mom seeing the lady come around the corner and hitting the gas a little bit it would have been a serious head on collision instead of just a small side rear door bottom smash in. then a few days later one of the sales people that comes into the store i work at was re ended by a idiot who was talking on a damn cell phone and trying to drink a soda at the same time






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Glad you are alright man

Thanks - me too :tu


I hope your insurance company compensates you well.

Still no official word from an adjuster, but the claims rep I spoke to gave me an estimate of what they would pay out if it's totaled, and it would at least pay off what I owe, with a little bit left over. Not as good as giving me enough for a downpayment on a new vehicle :D, but I'll be happy not to be paying on a car I don't have anymore.


I can't imagine how scary it'd be to spin across all of 285; the traffic must've been pretty light if you weren't hit again.

It wasn't overly light, but it certainly wasn't Atlanta rush hour thick, thankfully. I'm just glad everyone else must have been on their toes to avoid me like they did.

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Glad to hear you're ok.


In most cases a car is considered totalled when the amount to fix it is over half its value I believe. Also in a case like that there is most likely frame damage that would take a lot of work to fix. Even then who knows if it would drive straight or if it would just wear out tires.

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