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OXM Demo disk


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Is there any one else getting this rag with disk?


November 2003


Of interest to me was the Metal Arms and Voodoo Vince demos. Both quite fun.


There were also save game states for PDO and a couple others that basically unlock everything. I have NOT installed them.





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Just picked it up a couple of hours ago. While I've only played around with it for about 40 minutes, Metal Arms and Voodoo Vince are the ones that caught my attention as well. I was surprised at how much I was enjoying Metal Arms, though. Maybe because I haven't read too much about it. I'll definitely have to play through the whole demo tomorrow. And maybe pick it up when it comes out.


DOA:Online seems to be coming along well, based on the video. They seemed proud to show off their rain and snow effects, which ARE very well done. I'm looking forward to this one. On a side note, there were some clips that looked to be DOA 1 with *maybe* slightly better-than Saturn graphics. I thought they said they had updated the original to DOA:X-Volleyball graphics and engine?


The review for Simpsons: Hit & Run was pretty good too (8.8/10). I'd love to play a Simpsons game that's actually good. Maybe...

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Saying the camera in Dino Crisis is "that bad" is an understatement.


I shot at more critters off screen in the few minutes I played that demo than in the last 10 years. You have no, none, zippo control over where you are shooting or looking, and rarely are the 2 the same. Very disappointing as I was kinda looking forward to the game. The way it moves from cut scene to action was well done though.


You are supposed to control the camera with the right thumb stick but it never did anything for me so maybe it's broken?

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You are supposed to control the camera with the right thumb stick but it never did anything for me so maybe it's broken?


Glad someone else posted this, because I thought the same thing. I sincerely hope that the game won't ship like that! With a controllable camera, I think the game could be pretty decent. It was certainly pretty enough. Although if the ratio of cinematics-versus-gameplay in the demo is representative of the full game, I'm going to give it a pass even without the issues with the camera.


As far as demos in general, I don't know anymore. At first the idea seemed great, and I did indeed buy a few games after playing the demo on the OXM disc. But with some other games (specifically Panzer Dragoon Orta and Otogi), the demo actually killed my interest in the game and it wasn't until I read some glowing reviews that I decided to take a chance on them. Definitely a double-edged sword for developers (no Otogi pun intended).

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