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Browse LCVG Using Your PSP

Dave C

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1) In your PSP, set your Primary DNS server to


2) Set your secondary DNS to the IP of your router.


3) Test your connection in your PSP and make sure it is successful.


4) Load up Wipeout Pure and go to downloads in the menu and you will now be able to surf the internet with a created page with several popular website links.




- Up and Down are used to move from link to link. D-Pad only though.


- L is to go back and R is to go foward.


- Also there is no cursor anywhere, and no title-bars. If there is no link in the nearest vicinity, the PSP just scrolls the page (awesome).


- Entering links is X, refresh page is SQUARE.


- When you enter a textbox and press X the PSP pops up the Keyboard API.


If you've done everything correctly you will see this page here....

















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That's pretty nice. I really have to start messing with some of these little tricks that are being thrown up. Been to engulfed in Lumines to actually sit down and play around with the other capabilities of the system. Pretty cool to see the forum on the PSP screen Wetwork. :tu

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