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Any good april Fools stories this year??


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Hey i was wondering if any of you fine people came across any good news events that were an April fools joke this year??


My buddy is a news whore who likes to think he's well read on whats going on in the world and I would love to get him with a news story that seems credible..but is totally not!!!

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April's EGM said that anyone who pre-ordered the new Legend Of Zelda game for Gamecube would receive a disc with a re-release of The Wind Waker done in the graphic style of the new game, including 2 dungeons not available in the original release.


At first I thought, Oh, sweet....maybe I'll re-buy the GameCube...then I realized that EGM is famous for their April Fool's jokes.

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Whoa - that Katamari gag was in the April Game Informer's "Game Infarcer" section. I can't remember who they said was directing, but they said Nicolas Cage was starring and had a VERY similar picture to GameSpot's. I know it's not really such a unique idea, but that issue of GI came out weeks ago...

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Apple Introduces and then pulls iPotty


Also' date=' if you go into Google mail while not logged in, they have a news snippet about increasing each users capacity to infinity +1[img']http://lcvg.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


Edit: Google is apparently upping the gmail accounts to 2 gigs (that part is not a joke...I think)



Saw that....tricky google people. :D

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