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Gamecube's WWE Day of Reckoning 2

Romier S

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The Gamecube is getting an update to last years successful WWE game. IGN has a preview of the game up covering some of the enhancements coming this year. The developers are concentrating on not messing with the formula too much and trying to add more depth and strategy (ie. fixing the button mashing issues from last year). Also, Hulk Hogan and....The Ultimate Warrior (!) are going to be legends this year. The visuals have also seen a substantial upgrade. Read the article here .


Day of Reckoning 2 uses an advanced stamina system that goes hand-in-hand with in-match strategies. As per usual, an on-screen bar measures a wrestler's stamina; when it's full, they are rearing to go and when it's empty, they hunch over and tend to tire after a single offensive move. The difference is that gamers don't have to sit still to recover their stamina. They can fill up their wrestler's bar using a number of different play methods, many of which tie into the submission system.



"We're using it strictly to give players options. Our stamina system is not very restricted," says Greig. "We want players to be thinking throughout matches. 'Do I want to go all out? Do I want to go on the offensive? Unleash a series of strikes and grapples and try to get this guy down quickly? Or do I want to hold back and let him do that, wear him out, and then I can go on the attack? Or is my stamina really low right now? Maybe I should be the one thinking about how to get it back up.' All these types of decisions."


The original Day of Reckoning included some 40 wrestlers, a mix of superstars, legends and divas. The sequel will feature approximately 45, most of them returning, with a handful of anticipated additions. Greig was hush on specifics, but we do know from movies and officially released documentation on the game that it will boast such superstars as Booker T, Kane, Triple H, Batista, and Chris Benoit. Some of the new legends in the game include Hulk Hogan, Mankind and yes -- IGNcube readers voted for him and they got him -- The Ultimate Warrior. THQ is still deciding on whether or not to up the count on divas in the game. Here's hoping that it does, as the omission of a few key beauties was a common complaint of last year's effort.
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