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Buying sports games every OTHER year?!


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I try to adhere to a rule whereby I don't buy the same sports game two years in a row. I don't think the updates from year to year are worth $50. Also, I feel I will appreciate a game more if I allow the developer two years (every other game takes at least two years to develop). So I don't think I'll buy NFL2K4 this year. I will only buy odd years (2K1, 2K3, 2K5, etc.).


Anyone else got this policy?

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(every other game takes at least two years to develop).


Believe it or not, but they don't - oh wait, was that another facetious comment?


General comment, not aimed at sports games in particular: the trend these days is for a 12-18 months schedule for most games, with times frequently getting even shorter than that for a lot of publishers. The big name triple AAA titles get longer than that, with the expectation that a sequel will come in /much/ shorter time. If publishers could get "regular" games down to 9-12 months, they'd love it.

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It depends on what new features are added and which issues from previous years are fixed.


I guess one way to tell is to ask yourself, after playing the new version would you be able to go back and play the old version?


Sometimes yes, but often a new feature/improvement or two can make a world of difference, unless your talking ea' nhl series ;)

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-I thought I'd be spending my dollars elsewhere this time around too, but I've realized that, with football games I continue to go back to and play throughout the year. I'm breaking down and getting ESPN football today, and I won't think twice about it from now on. Other sports I could not justify a yearly re-purchase, but Football - Hell Yeah, I'm Re-upping! I've also joined the LCVG ESPN league and ordered NFL Sunday Ticket, I'm gonna have to take the phone off the hook every Sunday! ;)


P.S. Has anyone traded in 2K3, and how much did you get, $3 maybe? I know it won't be much, but I'll never go back and play if I have the newer version, so if it pays the tax I'm fine with that.

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