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AHHHHH, My Xbox died again, any advice


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Damn Microsoft,

My XBOX died again yesterday. I already paid to have it repaired in Jan 2004. Microsoft says I have to pay to have it repaired again as the warrenty expired in Jan 2005. This sucks anyone have any suggestions? Is it worth opening it up and trying to monkey around with it myself?


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When I power it up it makes a number of clicking sounds and then goes to a screen where it tells me in 6 different languages that my XBOX needs to be sent for repairs. I have now spoken to 2 supervisors the second onw offered to fix it for $40 instead of $80 but I still think that is too much considering I've already paid to have it fixed once. It's killing me that you guys are learning all the Splinter Cell maps and I am stuck without an XBOX.



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