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Have you seen this Xbox bundle?


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I was in an area Walmart yesterday and noticed an Xbox bundle I had not seen before. It is a standard issue Xbox plus controller s, but the package has a sticker in the upper right hand corner (like the old JSRF/Sega GT box) to announce that it comes with 2 free games, Splinter Cell and Mech Assault for $179!


Is this a Walmart exclusive? I have not seen this bundle anywhere else and have not heard anything about it on any of the news sites. By almost any standard, this is a great bundle, and if I were still sitting on the fence about buying an Xbox, this would certainly move me into purchase mode.

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Yes, that bundle is a Walmart exclusive. It is in very limited numbers and will not be replaced (by another exclusive) when sold out. It was a handy way to clear excess inventory of Splinter Cell & Mech Assault.


I do, however, expect a new holiday bundle this year.

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