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Kanotix LiveCD distro problem

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I can't get the Kanotix LiveCD to load on one of my PC's. It hangs up with a GRUB error (25, IIRC). Works on another.


I read somewhere that it'll work if I disable virusscan on boot in BIOS.


Before I do that, does anyone here (hint: RyanFB) think that's the problem or have another suggestion?

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Does GRUB give you an error message along with the number? A quick google search pulls up error 25 as being "unrecognized command", in which case I have no idea what would be causing it to work on one and not the other. I'd say go ahead and give the BIOS virus scan disabling a shot, and see if that fixes it (although I don't know what would make that the cause, you can always turn it back on if it doesn't work).

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For some reason, I wasn't really thinking when I wrote that. Pretty much every BIOS-based virus protection mechanism I've seen just works by preventing modifications to the MBR (Master Boot Record) of the primary master hard drive, which isn't something a LiveCD should be doing anyway, so that's probably not the cause.

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