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Cheap refurb HDTV


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saw this at slickdeals this morning


If I wasn't in Canada I would have ordered it already, stupid shipping policy.


Not sure where this belongs, but I thought it was worth mentioning

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Well, I decided to check the philips website again today and it looks like they have more in stock. I ordered one so I will let you guys know how the tv turns out. For that price, you can't go too wrong I guess.


I'm super-interested in this TV. I hope you'll let us know about the TV.

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Well, I have had the TV for about two weeks now (Sorry I forgot to update you guys).


Just for background info, the TV I replaced was a 7 year old Sony WEGA 27''. I previously had everything (DVD, PS2, XBOX) hooked up via S-Video.


Once the TV arrived, the first thing I did was hook my DVD directly up with my newly purchased XBOX component cables and to pop in Halo2. Obviously, the picture was aweome compared to my old setup.


Later, I purchased a new DVD player (a DVB-318 Zenith) which will upconvert dvds to 1080i (more on that later). The picture is asounding! I would have paid 3 times the price for this TV. It does a great job of detecting the input resolution and aspect ratio and adjusting accordingly.


I am not really in the market to buy a huge TV and to spend thousands of dollars so this TV is perfect for me.


The only real consideration, in my opinion, when buying this TV is that it only has component video inputs - no digital video inputs (DVI or HDMI). This made it nearly impossible to find a DVD player that will upconvert through component video. In fact, there are really only 3 players that do this (that I could find) and two of them are rather obscure (need to be imported). I was able to track down the Zenith at BestBuy.com and I still had to apply a firmware downgrade so it will upconvert through the component cables.


If you have any specific questions about the TV or my setup, let me know. I do not really plan to use the TV for HDTV since I really only watch DVDs or play video games.

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