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Burnout Revenge on the way for PS2 and Xbox

Romier S

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Yeah, you didn't think Burnout 3 would be it did you? ;)


EA has announced the sequel to Takedown; Burnout Revenge. The game is being developed by series creator Criterion for a September 2005 release. The new game will feature many of the modes this past years game had including Road Rage, Crash, and Race modes. The new twist this time is the Revenge mode which challenges four players to race through rush hour traffic (more details would help in understanding how this differs...). You can take a look at the announcement and the first two screenies of the game here:








*Personal note: Just add a full fledged replay mode!!

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While I loved Burnout 3 (especially the renewed emphesis on racing as opposed to the dull crash mode) I would really like to see them take the damage off the street. I want to be able to crash into buildings and other elements of my surroundings.

I'd also like to see the physics be a bit less over the top. Grounding some elements in reality might make for a nice change.

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I'd also like to see the physics be a bit less over the top. Grounding some elements in reality might make for a nice change.


If memory serves, the crashes in the original Burnout were much more realistic. I seem to remember crashing into buses and feeling the pain. It was just a big, sudden smash and then nothing. You weren't tumbling and rolling around with sparks flying all over. Your car was just smashed (as much as it could be with the limited damage effects in that game) and you and the bus were stopped dead in the street. You just felt painfully dead :) I'd also love to see the series return to that. Can't imagine it happening, though :(


At least Takedown did over-the-top pretty damn well :)

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There is a new interview posted at Gamespot with Alex Ward, creative director over at Criterion on the latest Burnout game. He touches on the new "Revenge" gameplay and how driving agressively (moreso this time) is the key to victory. He also mentions the new crash mode which will be getting a fairly large overhaul from the last game. You can read the rest of the interview here .


GS: Can you give us as much detail as you can about traffic in the game and how it's going to work this time?


AW: We bounced around a lot of different ideas at the start of this development. And I mean different ideas. We looked at a lot of different things, from how we make tracks to how we use cars and from how we present the game to what happens right in the middle of a race. You have to have these sorts of discussions. But you also have to know when to draw the line. We came up with a lot of things to experiment with and we spent a lot of time experimenting. It's fun to experiment. But some of the ideas and features we looked at just weren't quite Burnout, if that makes any sense. Some things were especially tough to get working, and then when they were working, they didn't really make the impact we were hoping for when we started. But we're not afraid to do this at Criterion Games and we hate to play it safe.


One of the features that definitely made it through was "checking traffic." It was often confusing to some players in B3 that you could slam your rivals but you couldn't slam the traffic. We thought about it and agreed. Wouldn't it be way cooler if you could slam a taxi or van during a race, make them crash, and take someone down that way? In ice hockey, when the players bounce off each other, it's a "check," so we wanted to "check" other traffic cars.

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