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Aeon Flux making her way to Xbox and PS2

Romier S

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Majesco has just announced a new this person stealth oriented videogame based on the upcoming Aeon Flux movie featuring Charlize Theron. Here is part of the announcement:


Majesco has announced it will publish a game based on the film Flux for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. Terminal Reality, the Dallas-based developer of the BloodRayne series (also published by Majesco), will develop the third-person stealth-action title. Aeon Flux is currently set for a fall 2005 release alongside its motion picture counterpart.


Bloodrayne is the most notable recent game Terminal Reality has done however they are also responsible for such PC titles as Nocturne (a pretty fun survival horror game), Blair Witch Volume I: Rustin Parr (the only decent Blair Witch game to come out of the set), and a few other like Roadkill etc.


Gamespot has the full announcement here .


You can also take a look at two screens from the game here .


So Brian, is this the game you guys have been working on? :)

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So Brian, is this the game you guys have been working on?


Yes, yes it is. It's being developed by the team behind Bloodrayne 2, and I'm in charge of the main character programming. This is why I'm not around on XBL much :)


I believe one or two magazines will have more info/screenshots in the next month or so. I can't really talk about it much yet unfortunately.

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