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Mercury..Reviews and comments?

Romier S

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Well this should be out on store shelves as we speak. IGN has a review up of the game which mentions he lack of a tilt sensor which I was really hoping would make it in. The game is developed by indy designer Archer MacLean. It's a puzzle game in the vien of titles like Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball. IGN has a review of the game up.


IGN gave the game a 7.7


They give praise to the games challenging levels but level some criticism towards the lack of alternate control schemes, variety and camera control issues.


It certainly all is quite a challenge. In the initial stages, it's enough to just learn how to move your blob in small movements without spilling over the edge, or getting to understand that obstacles on the course can be part of the solution as much as they are the problem. Very quickly, however, the game is at your throat. Many stages, you'll find yourself just barely squeaking by in time and with enough mercury left over, and it'll take a lot of bravery and determination (even if you do learn some of the tricks that make use of the traps) to come back and fight for a ranking score.


Camera control is a little trickier to keep together. Instead of spawning windows for keeping track of different blobs in various parts of stages, the camera zooms out to show as much of the stage as you are playing on with your various globules. The part that works about this system is that it still enables you to manually grab the camera and focus on one blob or another on the stage. You can also rotate the camera freely (or in 90 degree increments), zoom in and out, and raise the view up to a birds-eye view. Much of this is handled automatically, but multi-tiered stages, even if you haven't split your mercury up, still require a lot of manual adjustment (which saps vital time off the clock.) Some rounds will still give you no great solution once different blobs get too far away from each other, but the indicator arrows when you've split your blob help to know what you are not looking at, and at least there is that attempt to give whatever general camera view might help for a situation.


I'm planning to pick this up a little later today. Anyone else giving this a look? Any thoughts from those that may have already picked it up?

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I bought it over lunch and have been playing for the last hour and a half or so.


Loading times could be better - at first I was thinking it would be a "good renter" (the tutorial and first few levels of the first world are a really easy) but the levels are getting a much more difficult and fun (hopefully it will be a while before they go to another level of difficulty or it will get real frustrating real quick).


Just looking at the blob reattach to itself is mesmerizing.


Fortunately the camera has a lot of options - snap to 90 degrees, snap to 45 degrees and free.

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I played it during lunch, ran through the tutorial, which is quite easy (although I did get stuck on a couple of levels). In fact, often the instructions for each level make it sound more complicated than it is.


I made my way into the "race" levels of the Quartz world, so far pretty easy as well.


The graphics are nice, not as flashy as I thought (yet), but understated and well done. The fluid motion of the mercury is convincing and predictable enough that you don't feel ripped off when it divides accidentally.


Through the tutorial, you get the sense that the gameplay elements they show you are enough to create some truly devilish logical puzzles, I assume they will come up soon.


EDIT: Don't forget to save!

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Definitely enjoying this game. It continues to get more difficult, but so far nothing outrageous. I like the fact that they leave you high and dry with no explanations of the levels...it's up to you to figure out how to complete them.


I'm about 2/3 through the "Xero" world, which puts me about 45% through the game. Kind of disappointing to think I'm already that far through, but I assume the difficuly will continue to ramp up, so the last half will take considerably longer...we'll see.


I think I'm enjoying it enough that I would play through it again. I can see from the built-in scores that I have plenty of room for improvement.

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