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GBA SP "Time Machine"


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Looking at his other auctions there are different flavors of them at different pricepoints including:




Which looks like it lacks the AV in and controllers


He also has the new offbrand toploaders:




(oh and just in case someone is wondering I am not related to the seller in any way just a funky gadget freak)

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Has anyone seen these in person.

Yep, I see a guy every morning on the train using one of those. Aside from the added bulk, I gotta say it looks pretty handy. I actually didn't realize it was an emulator, I just thought it was for better/different grip and controls. Of course now it's ten times cooler, and almost worth the bulk assuming you really wanted to play those games. I wonder how well it works.

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A guy on cheapassgamer posted a thread to this store which sells this stuff:



Personally, the time machine thing is cool...but for easier portability I recommend the Supercard - compactflash to GBA adapter. Available for $30 and shipping (shipping is a hefty chunk of change from the U.K. or Hong Kong, we split it between the three of us at work). Admittedly it is mainly a GBA rom playing device (which I do my best not to use, I prefer to actually pay for games, to the mockery of my work buddies), but it comes with PocketNES emulator and also a Sega Master system/Game gear emulator. It's what I use for my portable Dragon Warrior IV cravings :D


OF course with this device I could play my oldschool NES games that PocketNES doesn't support (Magic of Scheherazade crashes, a lot of KOEI strategy games don't even boot).

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