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Splinter Cell:CT Cooperative Partner Wanted


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I'm looking for someone to go through Splinter Cell's Coop mode with. I'd like to meet up on Friday or Saturday night (or both :) ) at about 10pm.


I've only gotten to play the coop mode once so far and only for a short while, so I will still be learning the particulars of this mode. Otherwise, I've been a decent Splinter Cell player, so if your interested in playing through we should have a good time.

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Thanks! I will definately be online tomorrow night at 10pm, so hopefully I'll be able sync up with one of you guys. As I mentioned in one of the other Splinter Cell threads, I deleted my save file when I was trying to trouble shoot the other day, but fortunately I hadn't really progressed too far so I didn't lose much really. It does mean that we'll have to start with the training level. It'll be a good warm up. :D

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