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Multiplayer with one disc...


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Multiplayer with one game


Just saw this on PSPHacker and had to try it out since I had Twisted Metal and a coworker brought their psp in.


Sure enough it works. Start up a game w/ unlimited time, pop out the disc and the other person loads it and they can join up fine. Now you run into problems if you want to switch levels and such, but it's an interesting experiment that may work on a different game or two (that doesn't require in game loading).

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I accidentally stumbled upon a similar deal (and a reminder of the orig. Playstation). I was playing Ridge Racer the night before, and put the PSP into sleep mode. That morning I swapped the disc with Untold Legends. Later at work, "woke" the PSP and played Ridge Racer. Of course, it hung on the next level load.


It reminded me of Ridge Racer on the Playstation, since you could swap out the game disc and put in an audio CD for different tunes.

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