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That's an awesome idea.


I really hope they'd be doing older games though, the stuff that was always in midi. All the new games have actual music, in Stereo (or 5.1 or whatever), so it wouldn't be as interesting. It would be all stuff we've heard before, albeit live. A friend of a friend has a band that does the old Tetris theme (Korbenki or something like that). It sounds great, and it's always a favourite at their concerts.


But anyway, my vote goes for some River City Ransom! I've always loved the music from that game, I actually have the main theme as the ringer on my cell phone. :cool:

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I thought there was a discussion on this already but I could not find it, So I will start one.



first here is a Link... no pun intended


I suggest watching the trailer I found it very energizing.


Now on to the discussion part,


anyone here been?


How was the crowd experience ass-hats or ass-hats free?


The show itself worth the admission?




The reason I'm asking is, because the show is making it's way up here to MN in November and I would like some first hand impressions.

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Just got this email....


Due to circumstances beyond our control, Video Games Live will not be playing many of the shows scheduled for this fall. We will however be playing the Seattle and Vancouver shows on October 29 and October 30. Furthermore, plans are being made for additional shows in specific markets across North America for 2006.


Because of the cutting edge characteristics and unique nature of the show, our greatest challenge is raising awareness and being able to explain to the general population what exactly the Video Games Live experience is all about. The success of the July, 2005 inaugural show at the Hollywood Bowl, which drew over 10,000 people and garnered rave reviews, only bolstered our belief in this concept. We do not see this as a set back at all, but instead an opportunity to better develop and inform specific areas all across North America - one at a time.


Maybe they were too agressive originally.



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