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info on car rental for a young'un?


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Hey everyone


I'm going on a trip to Florida in May, and we're going to rent a car while we're there. The thing is, I am under 25 years of age, so the companies that WILL rent to me, want to nail me with a daily "underage fee" which happens to be more than the cost of the actual car. Besides that, most companies won't rent me anything more than a tiny little 104 horsepower Dodge.


I heard that the fee (and therefore, general policies about renting to people under 25 I assume) varies from company to company, so I was wondering if any of you guys knew any rental companies that are reasonable about renting to the under-25 crowd? It's not so much the money, it's more the principle that bothers me. I understand the reasoning behind all this, but I thought I'd see what my options were anyway.


Thanks for reading, I appreciate your help.

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