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Fatal Frame III:The Tormented Discussion

Romier S

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Tecmo announced this game a little while ago but I was holding off on posting until we could get some screenshots and details. Fatal Frame Zero is the latest in the Fatal Frame series of horror games where the player has to take pictures of ghosts with a supernatural camera to defeat them. Yes it sounds goofy but it also happens to be a nerve wracking experience that wills scare the whits out of you.


Zero will feature three playable characters including Miku, the original Fatal Framer herself from the first game. Each character will have an individual story to progress through and all will be tied together. The game also has a spiffed up new graphics engine that is looking wonderful thus far. The games official site opened up recently and can be seen here:




You can also check out some screens of the game here:



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Fatal Frame III hit store shelves today for those fans of the series. I picked up during my lunch break today and plan to play a little tonight. I still have a crap ton of games to get through though (as usual). I'll be back a little later with some quick thoughts for you guys.

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I played the game for a short hour or so. Impressions are fairly straightforward so far. It's Fatal Frame. If you loved the first and second, you should be pleased (or not) with this one. Not much has changed as far as the underlying gameplay is concerned. You still have the camera obscura. You are still photographing ghosts, and yes you will still piss your pants every three steps. The atmosphere that made the previous games so good is still here from what I've played. The original was a complete fright fest for me, the sequel was just twisted as hell, and this one looks to be more of a human romance/tragedy story ala Silent Hill 2 if the early goings are any indication.


The additions made to the Xbox version of Fatal Frame II have found thier way here. You can choose to play the game entirely from the first person now instead of switching between third and first for the battle and photograph sequences. I was also pleasantly suprised to find Fatal Frame III The Tormented supports 480p on the good old PS2. Always a nice addition to have, as the game looks to be pretty attractive in it's own right so far (as does Rei, the main character;) ).

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