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EB Games Spring Sale 4/15-5/1 (Some great deals!)

Romier S

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Credit to Tenzor on the CAG boards for this one.


-Splinter Cell Chaos Theory XB/PS2/GC - $10 EB Games Gift Voucher

-Syphon Filter Omega Strain PS2 - FREE after $20 EB Games Gift Voucher

-Hots Shots Golf Fore PS2 - FREE after $20 EB Games Gift Voucher

-Purchase Unreal Championship 2 XB and get 30% off the Strategy Guide

-DOOM 3 PC & DOOM 3 Expansion PC - $10 EB Gift Voucher

-Purchase a Nintendo DS system and any DS Game and get a $30 EB gift voucher

-Purchase the following PSP games - Spiderman 2, THUG 2 and get a $10 EB gift voucher

-Receive a $25 dollar EB Gift Voucher when your purchase $100.00 or more of pre-played games, DVD movies, music, or Accessories

-Final Fantasy X2 PS2 $9.99

-Purchase Psychonauts XB/PC or Super Monkey Ball DXL XB/PC and get a $10 EB Gift Voucher

-Call of Duty PS2/XB/GC $29.99

-Tony Hawk Underground 2 XB/PS2/GC $29.99

-X-Men Legends PS2/XB/GC $29.99

-Close Combat First 2 Fight XB $29.99 after $10 eb gift voucher

-Purchase Punisher XB/PS2 or Constantine XB/PS2 and get a $10 eb gift voucher

-Spiderman XB Controller - $5.00 OFF instantly

-1080 Avalanche GC - $9.99

-Custom Robo GC - $9.99

-F-Zero GP Legned GBA - $9.99

-Pokemon Beach GBA Video - $9.99

-Pokemon For Ho Oh GBA video - $9.99

-Pokemon Johto GBA video- $9.99

-Pokemon I Choose You GBA Video $9.99

-Atari Anniversary PC $4.99

-Commandos 3 PC $4.99

-Deus Ex 2 PC $4.99

-Monopoly Tycoon PC $4.99

-Myst 3 Exile PC $4.99

-Pro Race Driver PC $4.99


-Buy 1 of the following Mad Catz Controllers get a 2nd 25%

-Lynx Wireless Controller PS2 or XB

-Microcon Wireless Controller PS2 or XB


-Receive one of the following PC Games Free when your purchase Silent Hunter III for the PC

*Dragons Lair 3d

*IL2 Forgotten Battles Expansion

*Myst URU

*Prince of Persia

*Silent Hunter II


-Receive $50 trade in credit toward Rainbow Six Lockdown for the PS2/XB when you trade in 5 qualifying PS2,XB,GC games.


-Receive $100 store credit when you trade a PS2 System and 3 PS2 Games or a XBOX System and 3 XB Games (some titles are excluded)


-Receive $50 store credit when you trade a GC System and 3 GC Games or a GBA SP and 3 GBA Games


-Receive $25 store credit when you trade a PSOne Mini System and 2 PS1 games or a Playstation System and 5 PS1 games, or a N64 and 5 N64 Games


-Get $30.00 TRADE in Credit for the following games valid until 5/1/05

*God of War PS2

*Gran Turismo 4 PS2

*Timesplitters FP XB, GC, PS2

*Brothers in Arms PS2/XB

*DBZ Sagas PS2/GC/XB

*Dynasty Warriors 5 PS2


-Buy 1 $5.00 Off Instantly Buy 2 get a $15 EB Games Gift Voucher on the following GAMECUBE games

*Fight Night Round 2

*MK Deception



*Time Spliters Future Perfect

*DBZ Sagas

*Madden 2005



-Receive $10.00 off instantly with purchase of FFXI and FFXI Expansion for PC


-$5.00 off the following Mega Man GC/GBA games

*Megaman Blue/Red Sun GBA

*Megaman Zero 3

*Megaman X Command GC

*Megaman Anniversary GC


-2 for 30 on the following EA Games (multiplatform XB/GC/PS2)

*Bond Everything or Nothing

*Harry Potter Prisoner of

*LOTR Return of the King

*MOH Rising Sun

*NBA Street 2

*NFS Underground

*NFS Hot Pursuit

*NFL Street

*Sims Bustin

*Ty Tasmainan Tiger 2



-2 for 30 on the following Games

*Finding Nemo XB/GC/PS2

*Hot Wheels Stunt PS2/XB

*Jimmy Neutron Attack GC

*Power Rangers Dino GC

*Spongebob Bikini Bottom PS2/XB/GC

*Tak 2 Ps2/Xb/GC





-Following PS2/XB Games for $14.99

*Spy vs. Spy

*Ford Racing 3

*Ford Mustang 40th Anniversary

*Dai Senryaku (XB only)

*Classifield Sentinel Crisis





-2 Free Games instantly when you buy a Gamecube System.

Receive Final Fantasy CC and your choice of the following games

*Animal Crossing

*F Zero

*Zelda WW

*Kirby Air

*Luigi Mansion

*Mario Golf

*Metroid Prime


*Pokemon Colosseum

*Star Fox Adv.

*Mario Sunshine

*Wario World

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