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DVD round up 4/10-4/16


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This week bring another Acadamy Award Nominee to DVD in Don Cheadle for his film Hotel Rwanda. There are also a few good deals on some TV show Sets




Hotel Rwanda $19.99

Oceans 12 Hot Price

2 for $20 Oceans 12 and 11

The Woodsman $16.99

Suspect Zero $19.99

$17.99 TV Sets

Alf S1

Boomtown S1

Will and Grace S1

Dead Zone S1 (Highly Recommend)

Providence S1

Saved by the Bell S1


Save $3 if you are a RZ member

Bob Newheart S1 $22.99

Harvey Birdman S1 $24.99

Space Ghost Coast to Coast S1 $24.99

The Jeffersons S3 $24.99

All In the Family S4 $24.99

Viva la Bam S2 $29.99

Sledge Hammer S2 $29.99

Save $5 if a RZ Member

Knight Rider S2 $37.99

A-Team S2 $37.99

Magnum PI S2 $37.99


2 for $15


My Best Friends Wedding

The Untouchables

Three Kings

Perfect Storm

Thin Red Line


Mystic Pizza

Original Kings of Comedy


Notting Hill

Runaway Bridge

A River Runs Through it

Legends of the Fall

Meet Joe Black

Thelma and Louise




Hotel Rwanda $17.99

Suspect Zero $19.99

The Woodsman $19.99

Harvey Bridman S1 $21.99

Knight Rider S2 $34.99

Magnum Pi S2 $34.99

Oceans 12 $14.99 (Free Music CD)

Oceans 11 $5.99

Viva La Bam S2/3 $24.99

Jackass the movie $9.99


2 for $15

Die Hard 2,3

Rain man

jeepers Creepers

Cape Fear

Three Kings

The Untouchables

Uptown Girls

The Bone Collector

Next Friday


Show Girls

Mr Hollands Opus

Saturday Night Fever

Lost in Translation


Tomb Raider Cradle of Life

An Officer and a Gentlemen

How to loose a guy in 10 Days

Minority Report

Dances with Wolves


Hotel Rwanda $15.99

Suspect Zero $19.99

The Woodsman $19.99

Harvey Bridman S1 $22.99

Knight Rider S2 $37.99

Magnum Pi S2 $37.99

Oceans 12 Low Price

Viva La Bam S2/3 $27.99

A-Team S2 $37.99

The Bob Newheart Show S1 $22.99

The Jeffersons S3 $24.99

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