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Guess The Video Game Picture Reloaded

Rob B

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It's Back, This was quite some fun a few months back let's have another go at it.


The rules recaped


1. Pics no bigger 480x600


2. One Pic posted at a time


3. Once the pic has been confermed right by the person who posted it, The person who guessed right gets to post the next one.


4.If there is something in the pic like this......



that will totally give it away feel free to edit it out.




Here is the frist one of the game



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And before anybody else wants to be clever, it's not Life & Death II either


Ahhh...the joys of poking patients in the eyes with needles, prescribing aspirin to patients with brain tumors, and doing the obligatory unnessesary brain surgery on patients with migraines. Good times! :D


I wish I could find a working copy of that game these days.

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I wish I could find a working copy of that game these days.


Crap, I'd settle for pictures.


I was going to use the one where the med team is eating pizza off a patient you've killed commenting on your, uh, handiwork, but good friggin' luck finding it!


Vitrual Doctor?


Nope :D

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