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Convert .mp3s to Audiobook for my iPod?

Chris F

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I've got a bunch of .mp3s (149 files) from an 11 disc Audiobook that I'd like to get on my iPod, and have it recognize it as an audiobook.


Does anyone know how I'd accomplish this? I know I can just dump them on my iPod, but I'd like them to behave like audiobooks normally do when played on an iPod.

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Here is a shareware program that supposedly does exactly that (it has a five day trial, no experience with it myself). Alternately, you can convert the files to AAC, and then rename the extension m4b, which should make them act like audiobooks on the iPod. This may be all that the above program does.
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Renaming .m4a to .m4b once you've used iTunes to convert to AAC format is simple enough. It's the turning 64 (in my case) .mp3 files into a single file that is the hard part on PC, as I can only find a free way of doing that on the Mac (it uses an applescript to automate doing it in iTunes).


Normally, iTunes only allows you to combine multiple tracks into one larger one while you're at the ripping-from-CD stage.

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I had forgotten that I posted about this, since not soon after I posted it, did I actually figure out a way to do it. Like Ryan said above, I used MP3Merge to merge the .mp3 files I had into 1 .mp3 file.


Then I used Markable (as Ben mentioned) to convert and get into my iTunes library. It was fairly simple, and relatively quick.

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