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MGM/UA finally sold off to the Sony consortium

Romier S

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Well, its been in the works for a while and it looks like it's finally happened. MGM/UA has been sold off for almost five billion to the Sony consortium which will pretty much take control of MGM/UA's post-86 library of title despite how much emphasis the article places on the pre-86 stuff. (Warner still outright owns the pre-86 stuff) You can read the full story here:




Sony definitely needed an injection into thier library of films. No doubt we'll see Superbit, Superbit Deluxe , Uber-bit, Yo Momma's prenatal bit editions of MGM's films. :D

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There are some exceptions to Warner retaining MGMs pre-1986 catalogue, every single Bond film being the most notable. They all go to Sony. MGMs been having Lowry Digital do 4k resolution re-masters of many of the 007 films over the last few years, and plans for DVD re-re--re-releases are on the cards. Sony's probably licking its lips mostly over what they can do with a remastered Bond catalogue in the HD realm of course.


A number of Kubrick's films that MGM retains over Warner like Killer?s Kiss, The Killing and Paths of Glory again, go to Sony, so the ?1986? thing is very vague and certainly confusing if you don?t know the ins and outs of titles MGM kept in their own right over Warner. Some Like it Hot is another biggie and all the United Artists stuff doesn't got to Warner.


Essentially, if you look at pre-1986 titles MGM released on DVD, and not Warner, then those should have all now passed to Sony.



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