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Everquest 2 DVD version $17 at Outpost


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I played the Trial of the Isle and was left wanting


Dullest part of the whole game. Once you get into the big citites, the real game begins. For the most part, EQII is quite similiar to WOW in execution. Quests are given by the myriad of NPC's in the world. The difference here is that you can have over 50 active quests in your journal. SOE recently implements the Norrath Express mail service (a clone of the WOW mailbox system). The mentoring system (ala COH) I posted about a while ago is now in the game. EQII simply has a more clear line of distinction between solo/party content. Even when you con an enemy, the game will tell you whether its suited to solo players or parties of 3 or more. The quests work very similiar.


Anyone picking up the game, get through the Trial of the Isle as quickly as possible. You'll hit the experience cap of 6 there rather quickly (you can't become level 7 until you become a citizen of a city) so there is little reason to stay besides finishing up some choice quests for items (which are worth it but you'll get them replaced rather quickly in the real game).

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