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New Windows password has altered my settings


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This morning when I logged into my laptop (it's a former work computer, so I have to supply a Novell Client username and password), I got a prompt to change my Windows (Windows 2000 Professional) password. So I did. Well, when everything booted up, my desktop looked completely different! It was nice to see an uncluttered workspace, but I kinda needed all that crap. I actually was able to find all the old desktop files in a "Documents and Settings" folder, but when I start up my Opera web browser, for example, all my favorites and open tabs are gone, as well as my mail boxes. I've tried resetting my Novell passwords to what I changed the Windows password to, and also logging in as the user that the old "Documents and Settings" folders are housed under, but I can't get my old settings to boot up. Any thoughts?

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It sounds to me like you had a profile on your laptop with the network domain, and now you are off the network, so it creates a local profile.


If you check into your Documents and Settings, you should see a couple user profiles with your name... one of them will have your old desktop in it... just copy them over to the new local profile.


You may need administrator rights to do this...



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Tom, I have admin rights so that's what I've been doing. I'm not so displeased about it now, but it is odd that it happened at all. It hasn't been part of a network for a couple of years. I can't remember the exact Windows prompt, but it seemed innocuous.


It would be nice to get rid of the whole Novell Client altogether, along with all the other work-related software, but I'm not confident/savvy enough to take the chance.

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