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EA Snags NCAA Football Rights

Chris F

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For me, I won't be buying any EA titles, but it's really not much of a stretch for me as I haven't bought a sports title from them other than NCAA 2004 in the last 3 years.


I think what I'm most curious to see is what they do with these exclusive licenses. If they actually create new and innovate sports games, I'll pick them up. But if they just sit on the licenses and roll out new rosters each year with minor upgrades, then I'll stay far, far away from any EA Sports title that they roll out.



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For me, I won't be buying any EA titles

I will not abstain from an Xbox Next online SSX 4, sorry. That new fighting game looks really interesting too. Other than those two, I doubt I'll be buying any EA games. Well maybe the Next Gen Burnout. God, what a terrible boycotter I am. Ideaolgy and the practical world rarely synch up. Like the mandates of Catholicism.

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Man I really need them to fix the passing game for 06.


I have read that they are going to add a lot more to the recruiting part of the game, going with year round recruiting. Rivals.com will be on the game so you can gauge a recruits interest. No word yet on whether the Rivals Bias will in the game as well. :mad:


Oh and I'm hearing that they'll be adding a College Gameday feature complete with Corso and a mascot head, which I think will be pretty cool.

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