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Ghost Recon 2 Cancelled!

Chris F

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Ah, the days when a Ghost Recon game was PC exclusive or released primarily for the PC and then reworked for a console conversion. How times have changed, and not for the better for the PC gaming crowd either. For years people have been saying that PC gaming is dying or on it's last leg. I don't think PC gaming will ever die as there will always be the hardcore contingent that will want thier PC gaming experience. You would, however, have to be blind to see that the PC gaming market is floundering when games like Ghost Recon 2 are cancellend and the latest installment of Rainbow Six is appearing on a console with no PC version announcement anywhere in our future. :(

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I agree it will never die but, there is a shift happening, without a doubt. Was reading an article from a pc developer, a year or so ago and, he mentioned that a huge hit (I think it was one of the Blizzard guys), on the pc is a million seller; on a console, 5 million.


Heh. Don't need an abacus to see the difference in the cash companies can make, not to mention it's cheaper to develope for a console.


Cheaper to make, less developement time due to unified format plus opportunity for much greater profit....I can tell you what side of the fence would be my priority.


I've been through this whole "fuck the consoles, they fucked us", arguement with Thief 3, over at the ttlg forums.


Don't even need to bring up the whole Halo/Xbox exclusive, thing.


Still though, Ubi's reasoning behind cancelling this title, sounded reasonable to me.

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Consoles have gotten powerful enough to where the graphical discrepency between PC and consoles isn't nearly as wide as it once was. $199 buys you a pretty powerful console that can crank out some pretty graphics, sound, etc as opposed to plunking down 2grand on a gaming PC and always worrying about the need to upgrade. I am still a PC gamer at heart (and have an up to date one at the moment) but I understand the shift to consoles. I now play both PC and console games quite often. PC has Half-Life 2 and GTR: FIA GT Racing and thats enough to keep it a viable gaming platform in my book. :) You just cant equal the experience of those games on console (yet). The next gen consoles should be interesting.

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