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EA's From Russia with Love..

Romier S

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Hadn't seen anything posted on this yet so I wanted to get up some information on it. This is the new Bond game by the folks at EA. For those had not seen the news, Sean Connery will be lending his voice talents to the game. You can read confirmation of that here:




The game will be coming to all platforms including the token "next gen" platform bit that's been running around. You can take a look at the first screenshots of the game here:



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Gamepost has thier review of the game up for those interested. They gave it a somewhat reserved 7.0:




It took a heavy reenvisioning of how Bond games should be played to get the series back on track, but last year's Everything or Nothing did it. By dropping the first-person-perspective rut the series had gotten itself into, and by shifting things into the third person, EA went and made a damn thrilling original adventure featuring a host of celebrity actors, including the most recent (and now former) James Bond, Pierce Brosnan. For its second third-person Bond game, Electronic Arts has put aside original adventures to go back in time to the time period where it all began. From Russia With Love is based on the 1963 film of the same name, and it brings back many of the familiar characters and scenarios from that film. EA even got the original Bond himself, Sean Connery, to come back to do his lines all over again. Unfortunately, it's what From Russia With Love doesn't do that ultimately defines it. It skips or rewrites several key aspects of the film, killing off a lot of the appeal of the story. It lacks any measure of challenge, playing out more like a shooting gallery in spots than a proper action game. And above all else, it simply lacks that spark--that thrilling feeling that wasn't just one key part of Everything or Nothing, but rather, was the entire essence of what made that game so enjoyable. This isn't to say that From Russia With Love isn't fun. In fact, it's capable of delivering a pretty good experience. At times, though, it feels like a missed opportunity.
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