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Classic gaming music.

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I've been searching for awhile for any website that has lots of old, classic, game music, that's been converted to the mp3 format.


Must be a tall order since, I can't find any. I have on my pc, a number of Amiga songs in the .lha format but, I need a mod player to make them work.


Just wondering if any of you guys, especially the 1 or 2 of you that have actually heard of an Amiga ;), have any mp3's of some of these great old classic tunes or, if you know of any websites that have these songs, already converted to mp3's?


I have Shadow of the Beast, Blood Money, Hired Guns, Infestation, The Immortal, all in .lha format.


Thanks for any help, if possible, you can give. :)

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The obvious answer is to convert them yourself. Winamp (which understands tracker mod files) always used to be easily configured to write output to a wav file, rather than to speakers. Convert that wav to mp3/wma/aac depending on player, and you're set.

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Sorry Derrik, I didn't realise you were unused to .lhas, .mods and so on.


Your standard Winamp should understand Soundtracker (.mod) files, and if you've got a particularly complex variety of mod there should be a plugin, anyway.


.lha isn't a music format, though. It's a compression standard; pretty much extinct now everyone uses .zip or .rar. A quick test shows that WinRAR still understands it, though, so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting the tracker file out first.


Amiga music files are almost always some variety of .mod or similar; it's a bundled file of sequencer instructions, and the samples that go with it. Get the plugin (if you need one) for Winamp, then go into the preferences screen and change the output-plugin to the waveout one to save the file as .wav audio. Finally, compress it to mp3/wma/aac/flac/ogg/obscurefileformat with whatever you normally use.

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Thanx for the help Iain.


I'm just a "download and play" kind of guy, when it comes to online music. I did figure out that the .lha was a compressed file and, I stumbled onto Winrar and decompressed the files to play in "Deliplayer".


I'll have to try Winamp again but, I've got, mod, med, rjp, smp, dw, scr files, just to play music from a few Amiga games.


That many different file types! Seems goofy that there is such a wide diversity of music formats. :eh

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