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BLOCKBUSTER Online: One FREE Month For Friends And Family


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Just got this email and thought I would share. Enjoy!



We're making it easier than ever for you to share the convenience of BLOCKBUSTER Online? with others. For a limited time, you can treat your friends and family to one FREE MONTH of service!


Pass along the special Promotional Code word "friends" to anyone you wish.


When they visit www.blockbuster.com, sign up for membership and enter the word "friends" into the Promotional Code field, they will receive their first month of service FREE.


OR, forward this e-mail so your friends and family can directly access this special offer here:


FREE MONTH for FRIENDS and FAMILY----> LINK http://blockbuster.qrs1.net/s/r?l=109284&m=102KB0005yei400065949d


Sign up, enter the code, get great home entertainment FREE for one month. It's just that simple!



Thanks for spreading the word!



Your Friends at BLOCKBUSTER Online

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Just as a side note.

The one really nice thing that comes with the membership sign up is, 2 free in store rental coupons a month. The coupon states one free movie or game. I know that to rent a game in my area it costs about $6-7. So in the end if you make sure to use both of these each month for the $14.99 monthly fee (after the free month) the 3-12 movies you just got that month were a bonus so to speak.


Oh yeah one other thing.

I get nothing if someone signs up using this code just that warm fuzzy feeling once you thank me after you?ve enjoyed the service as much as I have... :tu

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