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March NPD numbers coming...

Romier S

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These are slowly making thier way out and should be fully available by tommorrow. Right now I have the full list of PSP sales for those interested in how the launch went:


PSP NEED SPEED:UND RIVALS $5,973,790 121,293

PSP TWISTED METAL:HEAD ON $5,034,513 127,403

PSP UNTOLD LEGENDS:BTHRHD $4,078,071 103,010

PSP METAL GEAR ACID $3,483,612 88,362

PSP WIPEOUT PURE $3,474,053 88,083

PSP T.HAWK UNDGRND2 REMIX $3,072,220 62,312

PSP LUMINES $2,582,971 65,445

PSP RIDGE RACER $2,388,781 60,638

PSP NFL STREET 2:UNLEASHD $2,350,924 47,991

PSP TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR $2,336,386 47,310

PSP DYNASTY WARRIORS $2,286,374 46,373

PSP APE ESCAPE:ON LOOSE $2,044,120 52,197

PSP NBA $2,002,644 50,835

PSP SPIDER-MAN:THE MOVIE2 $1,970,245 40,145

PSP DARKSTALKERS: CHOAS $1,519,263 38,485

PSP GRETZKY NHL $741,333 18,896

PSP WORLD TOUR SOCCER $718,640 18,290

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Hmm, not easy to judge given that the PSP hardware didn't come out until the 24th.


This is interesting:


PSP SPIDER-MAN:THE MOVIE2 $1,970,245 40,145


Why buy this? Is there a way to get a U.S. PSP without it? Or is this the official name of the game?


EDIT: it must be the game since it is the only Spider-Man on the list.

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Hardware numbers:


PS2: 495k

Xbox: 227k

NGC: 94k (!)


Nintendo DS Units sold since January in the US: 428k

Nintendo DS Units sold since launch in the US: 1,650,895


A couple of games:


God of War (11 days worth of sales): 214,028

Gran Turismo 4: 532k

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Here's a Reuter's news report including PSP hardware numbers:

U.S. video game sales up 32 pct in March -analysts

Fri Apr 15, 2005 11:44 AM ET

LOS ANGELES, April 15 (Reuters) - Video game sales rose 32 percent in the United States in March, analysts said on Friday, noting Sony Corp's top-selling "Gran Turismo 4" racing game as well as an improved supply of console hardware.


Citing figures from market researchers NPD Group, analysts also said Sony Corp.'s (6758.T: Quote, Profile, Research) new PlayStation Portable handheld gaming unit sold 620,000 units of hardware in the month and 1.1 million pieces of software. The PSP was released on March 24.


By comparison, Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s (7974.OS: Quote, Profile, Research) DS dual-screen handheld has sold 428,000 units this year, analysts said, quoting NPD. The DS, which costs $100 less than the PSP, launched last year.


The supply of Sony's PlayStation 2 console continued to improve, analysts said, with 495,000 sold in the month, compared with 227,000 units of Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile, Research) Xbox and 94,000 units of Nintendo's GameCube.


Microsoft has acknowledged the Xbox is in short supply, which some retailers fear may continue through the year as the company prepares to launch its next-generation console, most likely around the holidays.


"Gran Turismo 4" led game sales in the month, with more than 532,000 units sold, followed by the value-priced "MVP Baseball 2005" from Electronic Arts Inc. (ERTS.O: Quote, Profile, Research) at just under 338,000 units.


Most analysts expect U.S. software sales to grow about 5 percent in 2005, driven by growing sales for handheld devices like the PSP and DS.

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No love for the Cube. They're practically giving the things away at $99. I can't believe sales aren't better.


I can. It's not as if Nintendo has given gamers many reasons to invest in a Cube the last month. Compare the Cube releases this month with that of the PS2 and Xbox, and you'll understand why nobody is buying it. At this point, I don't even think the new Zelda is going to be of much help. Too little, too late I'm afraid.

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