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Excited for new Zelda. Why?

Why are you excited for new Zelda?  

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  1. 1. Why are you excited for new Zelda?

    • Graphics aren't Cell-shaded
    • Battles on horses
    • Playing with cats
    • Duh, I'm excited for every Zelda game
    • I'm not excited

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People are so hyped up about Zelda. But I think everyone is just manipulated by Nintendo and don't realize it. Nintendo is brilliant, don't get me wrong. Had they come out with a non-cartoony Wind Waker, there would have been a lot less hype because people would (rightfully) consider Wind Waker just a a more pretty version of N64 games. But they use cartoony graphics, it is this big controversy, and people mostly forget that the gameplay, weapons, etc... were all pretty much exactly like the N64 game. That isn't a bad thing. I enjoyed the game greatly. One of my favorites this generation actually.


But here we go again. Another Zelda. But this time, there is all this hype that the graphics are "not" cartoony. Last time it was because they "were" and now because they're "not." Too funny.


Sure there are some battles on horses, and playing with cats, but people are excited because A) It is Zelda B) It isn't cartoony.



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The Legend of Zelda is my favorite video game series ever. When I finally got an NES after months of begging my parents for one, Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link where the first two games I wanted for the system. When it became clear that my parents wouldn't buy me a Super NES, I saved up my allowances for months so that I could afford the system and a copy of A Link to the Past (which was no small feat at the time). When I finally did get it, my mom yelled at me because I spent so much time playing it.


After the release of the N64, I waited for an agonizing two years for Nintendo to release Ocarina of Time. My only comfort was to play through Link's Awakening on the Game Boy, which had somehow managed to slip through my fingers upon its release. And when the day of its release finally arrived, I woke up early and stared out the window, waiting for the FedEx guy to show up with my copy like a lonely puppy waiting for its master to return home. Two years later, I got Majora's Mask in the mail a few days earlier than I had expected, and when I saw it, I ran back to my dorm room so that I could start playing it immediately. Normally, I don't run, and by the time I reached my room, I probably could have used an oxygen mask.


In 2001, I bought a GBA not so that I could play any GBA games, but so that I could play Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, both of which were Game Boy Color titles. When Nintendo first revealed The Wind Waker, I was one of the advocates of the new style, trying to remind people that no matter what the game looked like, it was still Zelda and would probably be a pretty kick-ass game. I also scored the preorder bonus disc and played through the Ocarina of Time Master Quest with a fervor few games can induce. I did everything in my power to make sure I had a copy of the Zelda holiday collector's disc, even though I technically had to buy another GameCube in order to have it. (I didn't buy another GameCube, but a friend of mine who worked at Target at the time helped me with that one. You know who you are. ;) ) Last year, I purchased three more GBAs just in case I ever wanted to play a four-player round of Four Swords Adventures, which I managed to play all of with three other Zelda fanatics. I wrote the LCVG staff review of The Minish Cap. Finally, when Nintendo unveiled the newest adventure last year at E3, I made the following comments:


You know, I love Halo, I love the Metroid series, and lord knows I've waited too long to play the next StarFox game. However, there is something about a new The Legend of Zelda game that makes me go utterly bonkers. Nintendo, you're going to make my head explode!


I don't need an excuse to be excited for this new Zelda game. I just need to have it right the fuck now.

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There's playing with cats in the new Zelda? I've never had the concentration span to bother with RPGs before, but I'm there if that's the case. Cats rule.
biggrin.gif You know, there's something I find really funny about this, but at the same time I think it's intriguing. The amount of excitement generated among the often-macho gamer crowd by a split-second clip of Link playing with some cats (which admittedly warmed my heart too) has been really interesting to watch.
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J.Fo: (I didn't buy another GameCube, but a friend of mine who worked at Target at the time helped me with that one. You know who you are. )
I know nothing of what you speak of you dirty pig fucker.




I went with I'm excited




Though I do enjoy playing with occasional Pussy.................























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