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For JTello (and others)...

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Wow, it's so funny! At least I can only assume it was. Everyone pasted little smileys rolling with laughter, so it must have been funny, right! Well, since it was deleted by Romier before I saw it. but not before he posted a smiley, I'll just have to take your word (and smiley) for it. :lmfao :rotflmao :) :lmfao :rotflmao :monkey

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Since the "Merlot" thread was a serious and explicit objectification of women, with an actual nude model, I find it strangely unfair and (dare I say) homophobic that my "parody" thread with no nude models gets edited. Unless the Alba pictures were removed too. Then I appologize. You're just removing riske photos as a matter of policy. That would be fine.

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They had dissappeared, but after I posted someone got them back up.

Wow, what a relief! Not that the pictures are back,... but rather that Keith now has less politically divisive topics left to throw against wall just for the sake of seeing what sticks! :P Hey Keith, did you ever notice that LCVG's main color theme has a lot of black in it? Could there be some type of racial commentary to milk from this???

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