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PC video and cpu upgrade


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I currently have a Socket A motherboard with an Athlon XP 1800+ and a Radeon 8500Le.


I want to upgrade the both the CPU and the video card. I was thinking of going with the AMD Mobile Athlon XP 2600+ (Barton Core) and overclock it to 3200+ speeds:



For the video card, I'm interested in a All-In-Wonder card (the mpeg2 engine looks interesting) but I'm leaning towards a Geforce 6600GT:




I do a lot of video editing (Adobe Premiere and After Effects). So I want a cheap fast CPU (Socket A) for encoding/rendering tasks and a video card with good OpenGL performance (mostly for After Effects, but helps with some Premiere fx too).


What do you recommend or think about my current choices?

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If you do a lot of video editing that Barton CPU will be your weak link. A P4 or Athlon64 would really improve rendering speeds. -of course, that will necessitate a motherboard upgrade and possibly a new power supply as well but it's worth investigating.

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Keep in mind mobile chips have some compatibility issues with some motherboards- be sure to research what is needed to run a mobile chip on your board.


As far as video cards, a 6600GT is best bang/buck these days.


You can get the XFX one with a $30 rebate, cheaper than the gigabyte:




But I have heard of some people having problems with the XFX 6600GTs. I suggested one to a coworker who is manages to install parts in his PC but is otherwise computer impaired (he was running games and desktop at non-native resolution on his LCD). The XFX was one of the first available, his has been good, no problems with it, he plays racing games.

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Generally overclocking and video editing is not recommended.


As far as a processor goes, I'd almost lean towards a p4. They generally perform better for video editing compared to an Athlon 64. For games however the AMD is better. Pick your poisen here.


Video card wise: I really like the 6600 GT. I own a 6800GTOC and love it. While I'd recommend a BFG card, it may be too much for your budget. I'd spend alot of time over at Hardocp's forums to find out what is the current hot card in terms of the 6600gt. A gigabyte wouldn't be bad, neither would a Leadtek which is very popular given their background.

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Overclocking that mobile chip is generally stable given that is was designed to operate at lower voltages. Many, many people can get the XP-M 2600+ to run stable at 2.5GHz, under prime95 test and other cpu load stress tests.


I would like to keep my current motherboard, and stay with Socket A. My current motherboard has 4 IDE channels (8 devices) and 2 SATA connectors. I use 1 CD-RW drive, 1 DVD-ROM, 1 DVD+/-RW, and 5 hard disks (one of which is sata). So to get another motherboard with those specs would easily be over a $100 wouldn't it?


I can't switch to a P4 since I would need a new motherboard, and possibly new memory.


I do my gaming in my Xbox/Gamecube so I wouldn't really use the card for gaming, but to accelerate the real-time preview of Adobe After Effects.


Thanks for suggestions though...


I will jump on the 64-bit wagon when the software goes 64-bit. At least Cakewalk Sonar already has an alpha 64 bit version. I'm waiting for Adobe to go 64-bit too. I hope hardware drivers go to 64-bit fast as well.

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