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Two months free, what to do?


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I'm not sure which games it came w/, but espn football has 2 months of xbox live for free. So what's everyone plan on doing with it? Do you think it'll be worth any money in trade?


I already have 2 accounts, so I really have no desire for a third. Perhaps someone around here wants to buy it, $18.95 value (so it claims).

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Originally posted by dogbert@Sep 5 2003, 03:30 PM

You can't "trade" the months like that.

Are you sure? It seems logical that a used game with 2 months of live free would be worth more than just the game. You're probably right, but I still have to believe the thing has some value to someone.

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The thing is, /every/ copy will have the two free months - it's not "tied" to a particular copy of the game, it's tied to your machine. If I haven't bought live & borrowed your copy, I could activate my "free trial" even though you've already activated the free trial. That make sense?


It's like PSO - it's "two free months per account" when you get hold of a copy of the game rather than "two free months tied to this one particular copy with a unique code to identify this /one/ copy".


Additonally, Microsoft are planning for a lot of games to have this trial attached to it - it's not going to be a unique feature very soon!

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Ahhhhh, crossed wires. It seems they've implemented it differently to how I was lead to believe it was going to be - so there's a "scratch-off" card with a unique code in each copy? That changes things a /little/ - I still don't see it being a huge added value to a trade-in as it's going to be extremely common.

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