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Video Game desktops?

Rob B

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GameWallpapers.com is another place. I currently have a picture of Master Chief in what appears to be the setting for Desert Storm from Bungie.net.


They charge $15 per year for wallpaper? That's nuts.


Try http://www.deviantart.com/ -the quality of the game related wallpaper varies but the other categories have some impressive stuff.

We should all find a way to post the various game wallpapers we have on our PC's and share them. I bet that would be the best way to get some quality stuff.

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I usually go straight to the source.


Most recent games (edit - on their official sites) will have nice wallpapers available to you for download for use on your computer and most are good quality.


Some great examples off the top of my head include Beyond Good & Evil, Still Life, World of Warcraft, Golden Sun, and Guild Wars.

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