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Fanatec Speedster 3 Review

Chris F

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From: http://xboxfront.de/test-710-99.html


Translated here: http://www.forzacentral.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1573


Poorly translated snippet:

For this point probably most readers waited, because as Forza with the Fanatec Wheel drives itself??? Short answer: Simply fantastisch! I as so-called "hard core Racer" since over 15 years various experiences with steering wheel play combinations spent, but as perfect and precise as Forza forza-Boliden to date no racer left itself over the courses circles. One marks to both products the common development very strongly and the subjective driving feeling exceeds even that the "Gran Turismo/Logitech combination" in many points. The straight individual attitude possibilities of the Lenkrads, as well as the outstanding steering wheel Pre Setup of ' Forza engine haven ' leaves open no desires and ensures after shortest time for clearly more harmonious alignment and thus faster round times.


I think that sounds good. Right? :)

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Whoa I totally missed this yesterday. Cool to see a review finally pop up. Sounds like a really nice wheel especially since he said its better in many ways then the GT + Logitech combination. I own a Logitech MOMO Force wheel for the PC and it is fantastic. If the Speedster is anywhere near it in terms of build quality and overall performance in the game I will be VERY pleased.

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