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Halo 2 Friday Night 4/22

Romier S

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Yes, I'm scheduling a Halo 2 match! :thud I played a few games of Halo 2 over the past two days and found myself enjoying things a little more. I know there is a contingent of guys that play it on a regular basis and I'm looking to get a game together on Friday night. Any mode is fine with me but I'd love to do some team oriented stuff like CTF or Bombing runs etc. Start time is negotiable but I'm thinking 8-9pm.

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I'll probably get smeared all over the map as I haven't played any Halo 2 in a month or more but if I can manage to get in a game with you guys I'd love to play.



Yea right the last time I heard some one say that I got creamed all over that map by said person

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